Steps taken after flooding in August 2015 prevented a number of Farnborough properties from being damaged in the first week of 2016 - but more must be done to help those at risk in the area, says a councillor.

Preventative measures were put in place by councillors in Cheyne Way, near Cove Brook, following flooding of up to four centimetres in properties last year.

And it would seem the work has done the trick – after a bout of heavy rain last weekend (January 2/3), the area was unaffected although other homes in Farnborough were flooded.

Cheryl Wood, who lives in Cheyne Way, said she was pleased that this time her house was not flooded but she is concerned that a number of her neighbours are still suffering.

The brook last burst its bank in August and caused £1,500 of damage at my property but Councillor Mark Staplehurst fought tooth and nail for years and years to sort it and we have just got it. This was the first time we have not been flooded,” said the 42-year-old.

“In 2007, we had firefighters helping us because of flooding and in August I was on holiday and had to come home early because of it.”

She added: “We just want everyone to keep working with the council and looking at what levels the brook is at.

“It’s about looking forward and taking preventative measures to make sure we don’t have any more flooding in the future.”

Although residents did not suffer seriously this time, some were concerned enough to contact their local councillors.

Cllr Dave Bell said about the area he represents: “There was no flooding in West Heath affecting properties but it was close.

“It was enough rainfall to cause some residents to contact Cllr Staplehurst and myself but luckily the rain eased off.”

He added that, alongside fellow councillors, he would be working hard to help anyone affected by flooding.

“Mark has taken it on his shoulders to speak to the organisations we need to but there’s a problem with funding, as with everything at the moment,” said Cllr Bell.

“We’re at the stage where we need to get something sorted for this area but there’s also a national issue here so this doesn’t make it any easier but we must keep going.

“The Environment Agency has told me it received one emergency call from the whole Rushmoor area in August.

“What we have to do is get more residents interested in something that only happens once or twice a year but really affects them when it does, and help them take the correct actions to report it as well. We will keep going and if anyone has been affected, I would encourage them to contact their councillor.”

Cllr Bell added that a lot of water was coming from the Hawley Stream and he would also like to encourage any residents in that area who have been affected to contact him.