While most people were enjoying a happy May Day weekend, the criminals among us were not on holiday.

A significant number were busy about their business of stealing, destroying and generally making other people's lives a misery.

The police crime details for the weekend are too long to print, but here are the highlights.

** Two caravans (one worth £11,000) stolen from Little Bramshot Farm, Cove Road, Fleet, after thieves used bolt cutters and took fences off their hinges.

** A man watched a thief drive his £19,000 BMW away during a "test drive" at Hook.

** From a crowd of loitering youths in Monteagle Lane, Yateley, one hurled a beer bottle at a passing car, smashing the windscreen.

** Front windows of Farnborough homes smashed - one in Church Road East and another in Reading Road.

** Cycles stolen including one left outside Londis store in Giffard Drive, Farnborough, and another outside a house in Ferndale Road, Church Crookham.

** Several car windows smashed to get at things inside, including one at Aldershot Crematorium (handbag and backpack); one at Ively Road, Farnborough (handbag); and one in Cromwell Way, Farnborough.

** A heavy bench disappeared from a front garden in St Georges Road, Aldershot.

** A numbskull kicked in a fence at Leawood Road, Fleet.