A RUSHMOOR councillor caught speeding on the A325 Farnborough Road has condemned the crackdown on motorists and claims drivers are being persecuted.

Cllr Patrick Kirby, who represents Farnborough's Knell-wood ward, appeared before Aldershot magistrates last Wednesday where he admitted to driving at 40mph in a 30mph zone.

Speaking afterwards, he told the Mail he recognised it was an offence but felt that speed controls along the A325 are in the wrong place.

The incident happened bet-ween the Pinehurst roundabout and Farnborough Coll-ege of Technology when he was caught by the police speed cameras.

"I was convicted on a road which should be 40mph," said Cllr Kirby. "It's a ridiculous anomaly.

"The bit where you have a dual carriageway is where you expect to go quicker. This is 30 yet when you get to the residential end it is 40."

Cllr Kirby also complained that the camera and the police should be more visible.

He said: "They're not making themselves visible to deter motorists and they only concentrate on that section because they know motorists will be doing 40.

Why not do more on Canterbury Road or Reading Road where the dangers are greater?"

Cllr Kirby said he was so angry he would be taking the matter up with the council's highways department.

However, Insp Charlie Raison, Farnborough traffic unit, hotly contested Cllr Kirby's comments.

He said the Farnborough Road was being targeted because it was one of the most dangerous accident blackspots in the county.

Since the introduction of speed traps there injuries have been cut by 20%.

Insp Raison added: "We have to target accident casualty sites. What's the point in going to places where no-one is getting hurt if we want to reduce road accidents?"

He urged motorists to slow down rather than complain about being caught.

"It's a big van with huge stripes and police safety van written on it. If people say they don't see it until it's too late, then it's done the job."

Jim Pettitt, Rushmoor Council's head of highways, said the 30-mile limit was necessary where there were shops and pedestrians crossing the road.

"Motorists shouldn't assume that because it's a dual carriageway you drive faster.

"It says in the highway code that if you're in a 30mile limit and the road changes, the presumption is it's 30 unless there's a sign saying it's 40."

He said Rushmoor Council are considering putting in more warning signs and officers are working with the Department of Transport to find the most appropriate solution.

Cllr Kirby was ordered to pay a £60 fine and had three penalty points on his licence.