SANDHURST Town Council has demanded that the town's residents' association publishes a long letter of reply from them in a ruckus over comments made in the last edition of the residents' newsletter.

What sparked the uproar was a comment in the newsletter that after the press and public were excluded from town council meetings members went on to discuss "secret things." Every council has the right to go into confidential business sessions, but the town council believes that the phrase used suggests more than that.

They are also complaining about remarks in the newsletter about recycling, finances, Snaprails Park and other matters.

Sandhurst Mayor Coun. Audrey Shephard told members on Thursday that the council expected their reply to be published in full without editing and if this did not happen the letter would be sent to the local press.

"Residents are getting a very one-sided picture," she declared.

Residents' chairman Mrs Val Crosby-Clarke said she could not make detailed comments until the council letter was received, but she believed the association could answer the complaints very well. No decision would be taken on whether to publish until the letter was received and examined.