THE regeneration of North Camp is under way. Rushmoor Council's Cabinet has approved an action plan which sets out how the area is to be improved, based on the wishes and concerns of the North Camp community.

The plan includes a range of projects to improve the shopping and residential areas and the local economy as well as North Camp's open areas and natural environment.

It also includes extra proposals that came out of the community consultation, including commissioning consultants to develop comprehensive proposals for the Queens Road recreation ground, discussions on relocating the abattoir and considering opportunities for the Osborne Road Park.

Local residents have given their overwhelming support for the proposals, with 96% of respondents to a consultation saying they agreed that the right actions had been identified.

Work has already started with the refurbishment of the public toilets in the High Street. By the summer, the council will have installed CCTV cameras in Camp Road and Lynchford Road and plans are in place for alternative uses for the long-term vacant units in Camp Road.

Coun. John Marsh said: "The plans for North Camp offer an opportunity to revitalise the area.

"I am particularly pleased by the support local people have given to this initiative and it shows that they are keen to be involved."

The council will be organising community meetings to make sure local people can play an active role in the regeneration of their area.

The North Camp Matters Association, a group of traders and residents, is also looking for new members to make sure there is a continuing community input.

Anyone interested in joining the group can contact Deborah Whitcombe on 01252 398793.

A copy of the North Camp Action Plan can be inspected at the council offices in Farnborough or found on the council's web site,