AFFORDABLE housing has becomes a hot political issue and Cllr Culver is right to bring attention to it. Public policy must be built on rational interpretations of the facts and not on prejudice or hatred.

There are not enough affordable houses to go around due to a number of factors. One is the neglect that the former Conservative government paid to local authority housing start-ups.

Another is council house sales, again down to the Tory governments of yesteryear.

Partly it is due to the lack of affordable land — not surprising when one reflects that land is held monopolistically in this country by a few large landowners. While so much land is held by large landowners, houses will continue to be unnecessarily expensive.

Finally, I am flabbergasted that Conservative councillors have the barefaced gall to try and accuse the 19 people who have tried to make Rushmoor their home for the housing crisis that the Conservative council and former Conservative governments and mostly Conservative large landowners have created.

Martin Coule

Pinewood Park