YOU’RE never too old to play bowls, as Vi Hatch has proved.

Vi, who celebrated her 90th birthday earlier this month, is a regular at Fleet United Bowls Club, where she was treated to a surprise party on Friday.

“It was a lovely surprise and I had a wonderful time — they can keep a very good secret,” she said.

Vi, who has been playing bowls at Fleet United for 20 years, was presented with a commemorative plaque, flowers and fruit.

She started playing bowls at Whitchurch in the 1970s, then moved to Basingstoke Town before ending up at Fleet United when she moved to Church Crookham to be near her daughter.

Vi plays indoor bowls twice a week at Farnborough Recreation Centre during the winter so she can keep in practice for the summer months at Fleet United.

Three other 90-year-olds were also at the party — Fleet couple Laurie and Gene Collings, who joined the club 25 years ago, and Jim Finch, who joined in November.

Millie Burnett of Church Crookham also celebrates her 90th birthday this year but was unable to attend the party.