An anonymous gift of £9000 has enabled Camberley Baptist Church to buy a minibus to ferry disabled people to church.

The unexpected windfall paid for most of the purchase price of a good secondhand bus.

Pastor Chris Russell said that some church members had to stop coming because of transport problems, but now they would be able to attend again.

The various charity and council-run wheelchair transport schemes had not worked, particularly on Sundays, and Mr Russell said: "It is only right that the church takes the initiative in making sure that the disabled can come to church."

A new law, the Disability Discrimination Act, comes into force on Oct 1, 2004, when places of worship as well as other buildings must be made "disabled friendly".

But he said that ramps and lifts were not much use if people could not get to church in the first place, but the minibus would solve that.

Picture: Pastor Chris in the driving seat of the new bus, purchased with an anonymous £9000 donation.