A NURSE caught in the notorious police speed trap at Farnborough has turned to local MP Gerald Howarth for help.

She has asked him to persuade Hampshire police chief Paul Kernaghan to waive the fine imposed on her for speeding along the A325 dual carriageway.

The woman, who lives at Cove, claims she went over 30mph only to avoid a collision with a lorry as they both approached road works. "I am really angry because I do not feel that I have been genuinely caught speeding," she says in her letter to Mr Howarth. "I was within the speed limit until this point."

The nurse says that, after passing the police speed trap, she stopped and went back to the officer and explained what had happened. She told him the speed camera film would show she had accelerated to avoid hitting the lorry, but he was not interested.

In her opinion motorists are being treated "appallingly" by the police along this particular stretch of Farnborough road. The nurse tells Mr Howarth that she believes accidents at the Clockhouse roundabout are being used to justify the speed traps. "In the past I worked at Frimley Park Hospital for 16 years, some of the time in accident and emergency, and am aware of accidents on the roundabout, but not from this stretch of road," she says.

In a letter supporting her plea for the fine to be waived, Mr Howarth tells the Chief Constable: "Your attitude towards speeding in Farnborough is causing me continuing, indeed increasing, aggravation. "I cannot accept that you are acting in the best interests of my constituents, or indeed road safety, in the way in which your are persecuting motorists."

Describing the nurse as a highly responsible lady, Mr Howarth says he hopes that the police will accept her explanation and cancel the fixed penalty notice.