TWO tricksters stole £90 in cash after conning their way into a pensioner's home at Aldershot.

The pair claimed to be from the water company and said they needed to test the supply to her house in Shortdale Road.

One of the rogues distracted the woman by pretending to examine the pipework under the kitchen sink.

When they had gone she discovered that the man's accomplice had searched other rooms and pocketed the money.

Both villains were white. One was 5ft 11in tall and aged 26-30, the other was 6ft tall and aged 30-35.

A police spokesman urged the public, particularly the elderly, not to let doorstep callers into their homes.

He also warned that evil conmen, who preyed on old folk, were particularly fond of claiming they were from the water company.

Genuine employees of water, gas and electricity companies carry identification cards bearing their photographs.

They are also prepared to wait should the occupier wish to carry out a telephone check before allowing them into their homes.