Neighbours would be happy to see the Innisfail Laundry buildings go but the new plan is unpopular.

The application shows a block of 11 two-bedroom flats, ten three-bedroom houses and three four-bedroom houses. Each property would have two parking spaces.

The Cranmore Road site would be accessed from Luke Road East via a new T-junction with Innisfail Gardens at the southern end.

Residents of Cherry Hill Grove, Innisfail Gardens and Rowhill Avenue are concerned about the effects the development would have.

Residents' committee member Jan Gregg, of Cherry Hill Grove, said: "Initially, six years ago, the laundry put in a planning application for ten houses.

"No-one had any objections to those plans but a few weeks ago we were confronted with a new application for 24 new properties, including houses and flats.

"Our objections lie along four basic routes. The density is far too high for the space there, the layout is just dreadful, there are no terraces in this road at the moment and no flats, and the plans are just completely out of keeping with what's already here.

"Another concern is the traffic. There are a lot of children in the area who play out and there is going to be a lot more traffic using this little estate road because they (the developers) are going to change the access route.

"In that area it will probably treble the traffic using that road; it will certainly more than double.

"They also plan to put a play area in there as well, which we are concerned about. Who will be using it after dark?"

Rushmoor councillors Charles Choudhary and Roger Kimber attended a residents' meeting last week.

Andy Williams, another member of the residents' committee who lives in Innisfail Gardens, said: "The councillors advised us on the best way to take our feelings forward.

"We will be putting together a synopsis of all our concerns and we will get in touch with Rushmoor to inform them that we have formed a committee of concerned residents."

Despite their concerns about the plans the protesters say they are not against all development on the site.

"The laundry is an ugly building. We're happy to see it go and a sensible development there," said Mrs Gregg.

The plan will be presented to Rushmoor's development control committee on Wednesday August 7.

Our picture shows Andy Williams in front of the laundry site.