A glowing report has been handed to a primary school which formed only a year ago when two struggling schools merged.

Wellington Community Primary was visited by Ofsted in February and the education watchdog has now published its report, classifying the school as ‘good’ - the second best rating out of four.

Headteacher David England has welcomed the report, thanking parents for their positive comments, and was himself praised by the inspectors for his ‘inspirational’ leadership.

Wellington currently caters for children in years 2 to 6 at its Alexandra Campus, in Alexandra Road, and reception and Year 1 children at its York Campus, in nearby York Road.

The Alexandra Campus was formerly Beaumont Junior School, whose headteacher was Mr England, while the York Campus was formerly West End Infant School. Both schools were classified by Ofsted as ‘satisfactory’, a category that was renamed ‘requires improvement’ in 2012, before they merged in January last year.

After opening with 239 children, it now accommodates more than 300 youngsters.

Following Ofsted's visit to the newly formed Wellington school, the inspectors returned the verdict that education standards at the school were indeed improved, and that teaching was ‘consistently good’.

“Pupils’ progress accelerates as they get older so that, by the end of Year 6, most pupils have made good progress because of the excellent teaching and their highly positive attitudes,” the report read.

“Pupils behave well and are keen to learn, giving each other good support and encouragement. They are kind to one another and happily celebrate the many different cultures in the school.”

On merging the two schools, Mr England said: “The challenge has been creating a common culture. I’ve worked with an incredible team of staff, who have proven how good they are at working with the children, and a good governing body.

“It’s brilliant that the school has been recognised as a good school and has the platform to move forward. When you look at the history of the schools in the area, this community has never had a good school. It’s nice that Ofsted has come in and seen the work that’s been done and validated our judgement.”

Areas for further improvement were the clarity of explanation by teachers and its progress in maths.

Mr England said: "We've had so much investment into reading and writing that it means, although maths progress is good, it is not yet at the same level. We have action plans in place to address this.” He added that he wanted to improve further and show inspectors that the school has many outstanding features when they next visit.

Building work is due to begin in November to create additional capacity at the Alexandra Campus to allow all children at Wellington to attend a single site. The York Campus would then be closed.

Six new classrooms will be built, along with a multi-purpose community room, while the school grounds will also be re-configured and landscaped. The work is expected to be completed by the start of the 2015/16 school year.

Mr England said the development was also designed to encourage pupils to take part in outdoor learning, another area the school was found to be lacking by inspectors.

Construction of a new pupil behaviour unit is already under way at the Alexandra Campus. The unit should be completed by this summer and will provide outreach work across Hart and Rushmoor. The expansion of the site has caused concerns for some parents and residents over increased congestion in Alexandra Road, but work is continuing at the school to increase safety awareness among pupils and parents.