A disillusioned Labour councillor from the party's Old Dean stronghold in Camberley has switched to the Conservatives.

Coun. Fay Storey asked to join the Conservative Party on July 1 and was accepted into membership on July 6.

"We welcome another anti-Tony Blair activist," said Conservative agent Alan Cleverly this week.

"She's very relaxed about the situation."

Labour now has only six councillors on Surrey Heath - and Mr. Cleverly said mischievously: "I think another one of them is wobbling."

The Lib-Dems, with seven members, are now the main opposition party to the ruling Conservatives.

Fay Storey has been on the council for three years.

Labour Group leader Coun. Melanie Longden said the defection was "a very regrrettable episode."

She added: "Given that at last year's by-election the residents of Old Dean ward clearly demonstrated that they wish to be represented by a Labour councillor, the honourable thing would be for Coun. Storey to stand down to allow voters the choice between a Tory or a Labour candidate.

"I am happy that residents' interests will continue to be served by Coun. Mrs. Moher, who is a more than capable ward councillor with an excellent record."