The secret history of shoes is the theme of an exhibition at Aldershot Military Museum.

Military boots and shoes through the ages are the stars of the show, alongside historic shoes from Hampshire's Museum Service.

One special exhibit is a pair of Second World War flier's boots (pictured right) with a double life. They could be transformed into an ordinary pair of men's brogues if the flier landed in enemy territory.

Visitors can also compare trench boots of the First World War with a guardsman's boots of today.

The exhibition also traces the history of footwear from ancient Egypt to the present day with a range of interactive displays designed with families in mind.

Children can play the shoe detective game and match up the footprints left in the flowerbed at a "crime scene". They can also see how their feet compare to a Saxon foot.

They can also go behind the scenes and discover how a 400 year old pair of shoes was restored.

The Shoe Show is a touring exhibition developed by Hampshire's Museum Service and has proved popular with all age groups.

"I am delighted that visitors to Aldershot Military Museum now have the opportunity to experience it," said Ian Maine, curator.

It runs until the end of April. Admission is free, but entrance charges apply for visits to the museum.