THERE has been a lot of comment lately concerning the amount of money being spent on unnecessary and sometimes fatuous "road improvements".

One of my favourites is at the junction of the service road, a cul-de-sac, which joins Camberley High Street.

Any driver approaching the junction from the service area is confronted by the following signs: "No Right Turn" — "Turn Left Only", three "No Entry" signs and two "One Way" arrows.

Some of these reflective signs are illuminated — obviously a neccessity in a well-lit high street.

Bearing in mind that any vehicle approaching the junction must have recently come down the (one way) High Street in the first place, surely this caring concern for our safety can be considered not just a belt and braces approach but also a piece of string, two padlocks and a handful of rivets.

I am sure there is, right now, a committee meeting to decide whether traffic lights (a minimum of three, of course) are necessary, not, of course, forgetting an illuminated, reflective sign warning of traffic lights ahead.

This absurd waste of public money is being repeated everywhere and the only way to stop it is to complain, complain and keep on complaining.

It's our money they are wasting.

Chris Wood, Castle Street, Camberley.