ANGRY residents were set to question councillors over the second proposed site of a skate park in Crowthorne at a parish council meeting as the Times went to press last night.

Opposition is building in the form of a petition of more than 232 names, despite council confirmation undergrowth would be cleared away as far as Bracknell Road to ensure visibility of the site and to increase children's safety.

Some young people have also voiced their concerns about the site location

Dr Fiona Pim, a chiropractor at Crowthorne Chiropractic centre, was planning to voice her opinions at the meeting last night.

Before the meeting she said: "I have had ample opportunity to talk to parents and the kids themselves about the skate park issues and both have expressed concern about its proposed location.

"My fellow practitioners and I think it is scandalous that there has been no consultation with either the kids or their parents before the council made its decision on the location of a skate park in Crowthorne.

"There is an incredible issue of safety for these children using a location like Circle Hill due to its remoteness.

"The decision was rushed through so the council did not have to talk about it anymore.

"We would like to see the roposed skate park at Circle Hill properly debated, as was the proposed site on the Morgan Recreation Ground where there were three consultation dates.

"We would like to see the same for Circle Hill."

At a police liaison meeting at the end of January, Dr Pim read out a letter addressed to the parish council from Katie Griffiths, a 17-year-old Crowthorne resident who also has concerns about the site.

She wrote: "If the skate park is to be placed on this site I will not personally use the facility and know of others who feel the same.

"I would also be wary of my younger brother using it and during conversations with parents have discovered their lack of enthusiasm for the site also."

PC Kenny Dawkins, community beat officer for Crowthorne, said: "I'm not here to win any votes but come hell or high water I want to get a skate park for the kids in this village.

"I want the site to be safe and I would rather see it in the middle of the village but there have been objections."

PC Mark Everett, of Crowthorne police added: "The trouble is you will never please everyone and wherever you put a skate park someone will be unhappy."

Residents concerns about the site include the impact on the environment, access for emergency services, safety of children in a secluded area and a potential noise nuisance.

Plans to install a quarter pipe — a piece of skateboarding equipment — on the Circle Hill site were given the go-ahead after the Morgan Recreation Ground was rejected at a parish council meeting in October last year.

A full report of the outcome of the parish council meeting last night will be reported in the Times next week.