Three soldiers from Aldershot are among the 40,000 British servicemen and women deployed in the Middle East.

Sgt Charlie Bentley, 29, is serving with 7 Para Royal Horse Artillery, which provides light gun support to 16 Air Assault Brigade.

16 Brigade were among the first British fighting troops to go out and Charlie was pictured during a break in a field-firing exercise as they tested their guns in the desert.

Sgt Clint Brown, 33, is a Combat Medical Technician and is the senior non commissioned officer in charge of the medical facility at Fox Camp. He is also a part of the crash team, like the paramedics in BBC's "Casualty".

He is joined by Cpl Nicholas 'Oz' Osman, 27, who is a Trauma Bay Commander, responsible for the initial medical care of casualties in the medical facility, the Army's A&E department.

The young medics are living in sweltering heat in the Kuwaiti desert in 20 man tents.

Hot showers and electricity are luxuries available only for brief periods.

Sandstorms drive into the tents, pulling out pegs and any kit that isn't strapped down. Goggles protect the soldiers' eyes when the winds pick up.

Contact with home is difficult, although "welfare" satellite phones allow the soldiers 20 minutes of calls a week. Then there are the "blueys" - free letters the soldiers can use to write home.

An Army press release said that "receiving post and parcels remains as important to the 21st century soldier as it did to the soldiers of the past."

Pictures L-R:

Sgt Charlie Bentley, with 7 (Para) RHA, took a break from weapons testing in the desert to have his picture taken. His outfit will provide 105mm light gun support to 16 Air Assault Brigade.

Combat Medical Technician Sgt Clinton ‘Clint' Brown is Senior NCO in charge of the medical facility at Fox Camp.

Cpl Nicholas ‘Oz' Osman, Trauma Bay Commander, will handle initial medical care of casualties.