ALDERSHOT Football Club's ancient turnstiles, which have clicked away through good times and bad, are set to be demolished.

The club's proposal to build up-to-date entrance facilities at The Rec has been agreed by Rushmoor Council planners. Members were told in a report: "The existing turnstiles have a unique character and reflect the history of the football ground.

"Nevertheless, they are in serious disrepair and are not designed to meet modern day standards."

But before building work can start, the club has been told to produce a design which blends in with the ground's history.

The proposed ticket office and turnstiles will be contained in one building fronting the High Street, and will meet football league standards.

Another feature which will disappear are the railings which run along the boundary and between the present turnstile buildings.These are to be replaced by boundary fencing which will provide increased security on match days.