Denis Gotel, the "keep traffic moving" campaigner who hopes to pick up the mantle of the late Keki Jessavala in Fleet, has been out campaigning - in the middle of the road!

Denis, who is standing for election next Thursday, May 2, in Fleet Central Ward, is an independent who, like the late and much-loved Keki, thinks the big political battalions have failed the people of Fleet - in particular over road chicanes in Elvetham Road and the plan to gridlock Fleet town centre with £2 million worth of blockages, build-outs, sleeping policemen and parking restrictions.

Denis stood on one of what he calls the Elvetham Road "tank traps" to make his point.

His Conservative opponents are John Stocks, who claims local residents favour the Elvetham Road traffic scheme, and out-of-town candidate Carol Leversha, who lives in Dogmersfield.

Car drivers hooted their support as he waved his poster, with a reference to putting those in favour of what he says is "this idiocy" in the stocks….

Mr. Gotel, a retired civil servant, is also up against Green candidate Lars Mosesson and veteran Lib/Dem Jeff Smith, a parish councillor. Ward voters have two votes.