THERE will be no question about who has the overdue books out at Velmead Junior School's library, as the answer will be right there at the end of your hand.

The school has installed a fingerprint recognition system for children taking out library books. All the pupils have had the thumbs on both hands scanned into a new computer. A new library software system recognises each individual thumbprint and the computer talks back to the child to say whether they are issuing or returning a book.

The new system was put in with a grant of £1,500 from the Motorola Foundation. The grant allowed Velmead to buy a new computer which is networked to all the classroom computers. This means teachers can search through a huge database of books without leaving their classrooms.

The new PC replaces an ageing computer and pupil barcode system.

Dave Brown, from Motorola, who has a daughter at the school, said Velmead now had a 21st century library system.

Motorola Foundation provides funding to areas where the firm has a major presence.