I WAS amazed and disgusted at Sidney Foster's letter to your paper (Paras praised, News, February 1) and MP Mr Howarth's comments.

I served in Malaya in the "emergency" and believe me, you can get carried away and no regiment, whoever they may be, should not be open to a full and frank account of themselves.

What are we coming to? Thirteen people were shot dead. No soldier was shot or injured. The situation got out of control.

No, don't name them. But please don't bring God's name into this debate. Some units think they are gods. Let's wait until this inquiry is over, however painful for both sides it may be.

As for Howarth quoting the cost, well that's ironic coming from him and his party who started the Millennium Dome, a total waste of millions.

Belt up and let's see the final result, and I just hope Mr Foster watched the recent BBC2 documentary on US soldiers' attrocities in Korea. No person is safe if that is his or their attitude. It's called frenzy!

Alan McTaggart, Lynchford Road, Farnborough.