The parents of a little girl who was lucky to escape without injury when her pram was hit by a car in Farnborough have appealed for help to find the driver responsible.

Autumn-Rose, the 14-month-old daughter of Alex McKechnie and Veena Bolger, was with her parents in the busy Farnborough Gate Retail Park car park on Saturday December 28 at about 6pm when a car mounted the pavement and hit the pram.

The couple from Fleet, who were shopping for a new washing machine, were shocked to see the back wheel of the pram buckle under the impact. Yet the male driver sped away without making any attempt to stop, despite the efforts of another shopper to stop them.

Mr McKechnie, 33, said before the collision he heard wheels spinning and so turned to see the car coming towards them in the car park.

“I tried to move the pram but it made contact,” he said. “If I hadn’t pulled the pram away he would have collided directly into it, so the consequences could have been a lot worse.”

The toddler's pram with its buckled wheel

Last week Hampshire Constabulary launched an appeal for witnesses, with PC Campbell Patrick urging anyone who saw it to contact police on 101.

The driver of the dark coloured car, possibly a blue Ford Focus, is described as white with dark hair and aged between 18 and 23.

Mr McKechnie, who works for a media company, said he had managed to note down the first part of the number plate but that police had told him this had produced a list of 103 potential vehicles.

He said therefore that information from others would be crucial. He believes the car lost control and mounted the kerb as a result of accelerating too quickly.

Asked what he would say to the driver if he was tracked down, he said: “It’s down to the police to deal with people like that, but the point is, when he did what he did, he didn’t know if he had done any damage.

“He didn’t know if the baby had been injured.

“He knows he hit the pram, but hasn’t thought of the consequences of that. That’s the bit I’m disappointed with.”

Mr McKechnie was philosophical, however, about the prospects of bringing the driver to justice.

“Of course I’m eager to find the guy, but it depends what resources are thrown at it. I’ve not heard another update yet.

“Because no one was injured, I expect the police have higher priorities, but if you do something like that it will come back to bite you, hopefully.”