RESIDENTS fed up with speeding cars and over-

crowded parking in Crowthorne's Morgan Centre car park could soon see an end to their misery.

Crowthorne Parish Council has received dozens of complaints over the past few months from residents about the problems.

But now it hopes it has come up with a solution.

It has formed a committee to tackle overcrowded parking in the village and the night-time disturbance of youths using the Morgan Centre car park to do "wheelies" and create noise and disorder.

The committee, made up of Cllr Bob Wade, Cllr Maggie Kaye and Cllr Bob Rand, met for the first time last month.

Cllr Wade said the committee was set up to identify parking problem areas in Crowthorne from the perspective of residents, shoppers and traders.

He said no solutions had been formed yet but the group was looking into talks with a borough engineer in an attempt to come up with some ideas.

A council meeting last November discussed installing CCTV cameras in the Morgan Centre car park to help deter youths who gather late at night and use Lower Broadmoor Road to race up and down.

Cllr Wade said he could not confirm if cameras would be installed but said the

committee would meet again on January 21.

Cllr Rand said there had been a lot of bother in the Morgan Centre car park for a long time but the committee was going to look at the overall picture of parking problems in Crowthorne.

He added: "The committee will be looking at three main areas. One is the nuisance value. Two is how best to use the Morgan Centre car park and three, looking at parking problems in the village, including the station end."