Is Rushmoor council parking mad? I read with dismay but with no surprise that Rushmoor Council intends to increase parking charges in Aldershot yet again. It never ceases to amaze me of the stupidity of our council.

Their view is ‘let's increase charges and we will get more shoppers into Aldershot'. I'm not sure I can see the logic in this. I'm sure someone in the Rushmoor council office can, but he/she has not been outside a darkened room for so long, they probably no longer live in the real world.

When prices went up last year I wondered if the extra income would go to improving the look of our car parks. Has anyone seen an improvement, is there still writing over the walls, windows missing, paintwork in need of doing? I can say yes to all these.

There have been little or no improvements made, so where has the money gone this time? Is there a big black hole in the council offices where money is put then forgotten about? Sounds a bit far-fetched, but I wonder.

Are the council aware that the people they are supposed to represent will wake up one day and tell them just where to get off?

Just remember that only a small proportion of the electorate voted for you. You have no mandate to treat the people of Aldershot in a shabby manner.

Why not ask the people of Aldershot if they want their car parking costs to rise? You won't, of course, just like you never told them during the local elections that you were going to increase the charges. You must have known then you intended to do this, and you may have found that you may have lost a number of seats.

Come on Rushmoor, take a walk outside those offices of yours, look around and you may find the real world. If you can't see it then move on and let someone who has the people of Aldershot's interests at heart take over.

Rod Roadknight

Warwick Close