Airfield campaigner Patrick Kirby, the only Independent on Rushmoor Council, is standing for election again, this time with two other Independents, for Knellwood Ward in Farnborough.

Mr Kirby says it was frustrating being the lone independent voice and he hopes that his colleagues, Gwilym Anthony and Keith Parkins, will be elected with him.

Mr Kirby, a solicitor, claims that Conservatives gagged him when he tried to raise issues of aircraft safety, noise and pollution in council.

"As a result, increases in aircraft weight and the number of movements were approved without a word being spoken against," he says in his election leaflet.

Mr Anthony, who lives in Reading Road, Farnborough, is a consultant who previously worked as a civil servant.

Mr Parkins, of Church Road East, Farnborough, is an engineer who campaigns on climate change and organic farming among other issues.

He has campaigned against airfield expansion and took action in the High Court challenging Rushmoor's decision to grant outline permission on the airfield.