A CROSS found dumped in the Aldershot town centre after vandals desecrated 100 graves in a cemetery has been returned to its rightful place.

No-one knew where the cross bearing the words “BUBS” stood in the Redan Road cemetery and bosses appealed for help, so they could put it back.

The cross was taken after vandals attacked the cemetery three times in recent weeks.

After appealing to our readers for help, Avril Zimmer came forward for an emotional reunion.

The cross belonged to her sister’s grave and she returned to the cemetery to put it back.

“When we came here three weeks ago, we were shocked because there was a big post across the entrance,” she said.

“A few yards in you could see more and more graves were broken or pushed over and we couldn’t find my sister’s cross.”

Visibly moved and shaken by the experience, she said she was relieved the anguish was over, adding: “Her real name was Elsie Holmes and she died 23 years ago. Bubs was short for Bubble, which was her nickname.”

Crematorium and ceme-teries manager John Lamport told the Mail the repair work would cost as much as £10,000.

It is not the first time the site has been vandalised causing thousands of pounds of damage — similar incidents occurred in the 1990s when children’s graves were targeted.