WHAT a breath of fresh air to read your comments on our Mr Thornber's excuses for increasing council taxes out of all reasonable proportions and also about the Kremlin at Winchester - he's certainly correctly named "Blue Ken" after Red Ken.

I have personally written to Ian Duncan Smith and told him that before he praised all Conservative-run councils he should visit Hampshire and see the mess that our great leader has created. My name for Mr Thornber is "useless", and as I told him,I would not let him work for me at any price - I'd be bankrupt in a week.

I have been fighting our Blue Ken now for over two years, telling him to cut his coat according to his cloth, but I'm afraid he will not listen or is too stupid to take action.

Why do they use first class stamps at the Kremlin when second class would do? It would save thousands. Just a small item, but one of many I could suggest.

As Mr Atkins of Aldershot has said, if the Government won't fund spending - don't spend, cut back. Private firms wouldn't need a tenth of the number of pen pushers -think of the waste in social services, the biggest waste on any council's budget,on the scroungers, work-shy, layabouts and immigrants.

Cut it out and reduce some of the huge salaries. It seems 25k is the norm. I've also suggested if Ken can't do the job he should get out and let someone in who can. Please let me into the Kremlin: I'd soon have a clear out.

First to go would be the traffic section, which creates work to keep their jobs. Second, as you rightly say, the education dept., duplicating everything from Whitehall. But most of all I beg the people of Hampshire at the next County Council elections to get rid of not only the likes of Blue Ken, but all his cronies - idiots who suggest these cock-eyed ideas.

I'm sure there are many councillors only there for the pay they collect - the biggest mistake Ted Heath ever made. It used to be an honour to be a councillor.

Mr W. Leah, Guildford Road, Fleet.