I would like to thank your readers for the many hundreds of letters I have received about how the government's changes to the payment of pensions and benefits will adversely affect people. I will be presenting a dossier to the government about the problems faced under the new system by the elderly, disabled and those with children.

Conservative MPs called a special debate in the House of Commons on June 11 to highlight these problems, and I challenged the government to consider the difficulties many individuals are facing.

The debate was on a motion calling for action to protect the interests of vulnerable pensioners and benefit recipients, and to save post offices.

Despite the support of all other political parties, we lost the vote on this motion by 314 votes to 187. This was hard to understand because the wording of our motion was the same as one that had received the support of almost 400 out of the 659 MPs.

Despite this setback your readers may rest assured that we will continue to fight for a fair deal for them. If your readers wish to raise any concerns about the changes they can write to me at Conservative Central Office, 32 Smith Square, London SW1P 3HH.


Shadow Minister for Work and Pensions