An Aldershot couple, incensed by the new concessionary fare scheme, are offering to donate their taxi token allowance to anyone over 60 who is infirm and unable to use a bus or car.

The couple, pictured right, are among many readers who contacted the News and Mail to complain about the changes to concessionary fare travel for the over 60s.

Margaret Clist, 76, said: "I am absolutely livid about it. If there is anyone who is between 60 and 75 who needs these tokens, they can have ours."

The couple drive to their bowling club and would have to walk a long way to the nearest bus stop and catch two buses to make the same journey.

Since parking tokens were abolished, they must now pay to park three times a week at the bowls club.

"I thought the government tried to encourage older people to keep fit, but this council is doing the opposite by taking away our choice of free parking or bus tokens."

The Clist's feelings were mirrored by Nancy Redit, 65, from Aldershot, who said: "I really feel we have got to push this. It's just not on.

"I won't get any benefit as I don't live on the bus route."

Many people have asked why they were not told about the changes before the election.

Mrs Clist, said: "My councillor didn't even know about it when I spoke to him. How can he say he went to the meeting but didn't realise he had agreed to getting rid of the parking?"

There has also been some concern over the administration charge on concessions for the disabled and those aged 75 or older.

Jim White, of Rushmoor's Access Group, said: "This is ridiculous, the council is giving with one hand and taking with the other."

The council defended the £5 charge, saying it was to encourage people to only claim the tokens if they were going to use them, as people were stashing them away and not redeeming them.

If you, or anyone you know, are aged between 60 and 74 with mobility difficulties but do not hold a disability badge, please contact the Mail on 01252 339 760.