STONE throwing yobs are making life a misery for pensioners in a quiet cul-de-sac.

Homes in Brookly Gardens, Fleet, have been bombarded with stones for the last three weeks and the under-fire elderly residents are calling for an end to their nightmare.

Fed-up pensioner Len Wilson said: "The stones are destroying our greenhouses.

"I have already lost about ten panes of glass, and at £10 a pane it's becoming very expensive.

"I've given up going into the greenhouse now because I just can't do anything.

"Some of the stones are actually reaching the house and they are getting pretty big — some of them are half the size of my fist.

"My wife and I are both 78 and there is a chance that if we go out into the garden we will get hit."

Mr Wilson said it started about three weeks ago.

"A stone hit our patio door and at first we just thought it was a bird or something.

"After that we've had stones come over most nights and I have a feeling it's people who have been drinking because it always happens after the pubs have closed.

"I'm getting very worried because the stones are getting bigger.

"They must have a catapult or something because it's too far to throw a stone up to the house."

Mr Wilson said he has twice reported the incident to the police.

"The police have been very good, but unfortunately there is nothing they can do unless they catch someone," he said.

"The only way they can do that is to have someone patrolling the area all night and that's just not possible."

Mr Wilson said his neighbours are also suffering.

"I know of three others who have had stones pitched into their gardens.

"One's had his greenhouse knocked about so much that he has replaced the glass panes with plastic.

"It's terrible and there is nothing we can do unless we catch them — but at 78 I don't feel like tackling them."

Sgt Jill Dennison of Fleet police said: "Unfortunately, this sort of thing does happen.

"We are very keen to deal with incidents like this, especially if it involves vulnerable victims."

Anyone with information can contact Fleet police on 0845 0454545.