I AM writing this letter as an individual, not as a representative of Fleet Spurs Football Club.

I am manager of Fleet Spurs' first team, who play at Southwood on Saturday afternoons.

On February 16 we were at home to Micheldever. The pitch was an absolute disgrace. The referee declared it playable only to the extent that it was not dangerous.

My players and I work extremely hard all week, training and keeping fit so that we can play football to a reasonable standard. Then, after all our efforts, our reward is a pitch and facilities no better than you would find in a third world country.

I realise that gipsies had set up home in the car park in the previous week but this was the third incident of this nature in a very short space of time. I understand the council made a great effort to repair the damage but they had five clear days to prepare the pitch.

While the building (at the site) is relatively new, whoever designed the interior had no idea what is required for a changing room. We have reached the farcical stage where players have to change in relays.

The club is losing its best players because of the substandard facilities we are forced to suffer.

In a perfect world, I would withhold all payment to the council until the Southwood facilities are sorted out once and for all.

It is embarrassing being told by visiting teams that the pitch is the worst in the league. For such a wealthy area, I believe it is an absolute disgrace.

Jeff Bond, Holywell Close, Farnborough.