PARENTS are being asked to help end a spate of vandalism at a Frimley Scout group's headquarters.

Group Scout leader Terry Metcalfe hopes they will investigate to see if their children are involved in the wrecking spree.

He is certain those responsible for the damage to the 2nd Frimley Scout group's headquarters in Parsonage Way are youngsters who live locally. "Our premises are on a cut-through used by children coming from a block of council garages which have also been wrecked," he said.

"People who live round here have also suffered a lot of trouble from young vandals. Someone must know who is responsible."

His plea for help follows yet another attack on the premises by the wreckers who smashed three windows and damaged a Land Rover. The group had been planning to restore the vehicle, which belonged to a former leader.

But this latest spate of vandalism has left the vehicle without any windows and with the upholstery ripped. "It's beyond repair and a total write-off," said Mr Metcalfe.

The wreckers got into the compound by cutting through a new security fence.

The cost of repairing the damage will have to come out of the group's funds.

"It makes me angry that we are having to spend time and money dealing with these attacks," said Mr Metcalfe.

"Those responsible are a young minority who are spoiling it for the rest. This trouble has been going on for the past 12 months."

He added that the constant vandalism was demoralising for the 30 adults and 100 young people, aged from six to 25, associated with the group.