Work is being carried out to survey damage and arrange repairs to a block of flats in Aldershot after tiles were ripped from the roof by recent strong winds.

Tiles fell during the festive period from two blocks of flats in Bell Chase, opposite the Westgate complex, smashing onto the pavement and damaging a car parked in the spaces below.

A police cordon was put in place and remains around the two buildings either side of the entrance to Bell Chase, as a high volume of insurance claims means the damage has yet to be fully assessed.

Duncan Foster, managing agent for Alan Foster Association, which looks after one of the affected buildings, said he hoped contractors would be on site within the next 10 days.

"We had some storm damage and, rather amazingly, some people continued to park their cars under where the tiles were falling," he said. "The police very kindly assisted and taped off the area.

"We've been waiting rather a long time to get approval from the insurance company to proceed as they have a backlog."

Residents recalled hearing howling winds and crashing as the tiles slid off the roof and hit the pavement during the gale force winds that have battered the region.

Many residents in other areas are also still dealing with damage to garden fencing caused by the winds, and continue to be faced with persistent flooding due to the high level of the River Blackwater and overloaded sewer systems.

Further extreme weather is set to arrive this week, with an amber wind warning issued by the Met Office for the south east for Wednesday and yellow rain warnings for the following three days.

Gusts of up to 60mph are possible, with heavy rain meaning disruption due to flooding is also likely.