A RETIRED sub-postmaster has slammed police for ignoring his plea for action against youngsters dealing drugs outside his Aldershot home.

The man said that he has twice telephoned the police to alert them about drug dealers operating regularly near his flat in Lansdown Road.

When he first phoned on a Monday, he spoke to a woman police officer who said she would get back to him within two weeks.

Frustrated at her apparent casual response, he called 999 two days later and found himself being quizzed as though he was "a contestant on ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire'."

He said: "The person I spoke to sounded quite pompous and was asking me how I knew it was drugs involved.

"I told him you didn't need to be a rocket scientist to know what they were doing. It was unlikely they were selling Smarties."

In the end the 63-year-old man put the phone down because he became frustrated at answering what he regarded as pointless questions.

"It seemed he thought I was telling him fairy stories," he continued. "He just didn't seem to be interested."

He decided to contact the police after realising that the lane outside his home had become a regular meeting place for the dealers.

According to the man, who wants his identity kept secret for fear of reprisals, they were there at least five days a week.

"The dealers come either in a black Ford Escort soft top or on bikes," he continued. "I've heard their customers asking them to ‘get the stuff'." He and his wife were fed up at having to walk past them when they were entering and leaving their flat. "The police never have trouble finding enough officers to catch speeding motorists on the A325 at Farnborough," he said.

"In fact I saw half a dozen police motor-cyclists lined up with a speed camera when I went past there. Tackling dealers is another story."