A pair of horses were unusual visitors to an Aldershot home and leisure shop on Tuesday morning.

Police officers raced into action to round the animals up when they were spotted running loose at around 10.30am outside The Range in Ivy Road, off North Lane.

Four police cars arrived before the horses were eventually tied up in the car park at the back of the store.

Fern Winters, who works on the customer service desk at The Range, said she had arrived at work at 10.50am to find officers attempting to capture the horses in front of the shop.

"Some of my colleagues saw them walk past the doors," she said. "They were a little bit shocked.

"There was a lady following them around making sure they didn't get up to any trouble."

The police officers said the horses had been "calm and friendly" and they were in the process of finding a better halter to secure them when their owner arrived at around midday to take them back.