Tired of hearing endless reports about motorists caught in the Hampshire police speed traps along the 30 mph speed limit area of the A325, Frimley Green motorist Anthony Cartwright armed himself with his camera and set out on a mission.

His aim: to show how ludicrous the limits are, and that: "the overall reason for the 30 mph at Farnborough is one of revenue and not of safety."

Anthony, of Henley Drive, Frimley Green, contacted me to say that he has followed with great interest the series of letters and articles in the Star over the past 18 months "regarding the speed traps mounted at different times on the A325 Farnborough Road."

Then he became a victim. "I, too, was an unknowing offender against the 30 mph limit when, approaching the roundabout and peering into the distance I observed what appeared to be a huddled figure crouching inside the rear of a van, rather like a terrorist. It was when I got closer that I realised it was a speed trap mounted by our men in blue." The white police van is pictured in our top, right photograph, taken by Anthony.

He said the site of the speed trap didn't bother him, as he was doing 36 mph, which he assumed was four mph within the limit.

"You can imagine my surprise when, two weeks later, I received the statutory fine and three points," he said.

"I had always incorrectly assumed that, as this was a dual carriageway, the limit was 40 mph, the same as on the London Road at Camberley and many other roads of this type."

Anthony supplied me with several pictures of the wide, dualled A325 at Farnborough, as pictured left, comparing it with the crowded, narrow road near Sunninghill, Silwood Road above, which IS a 40 mph limit.

He concluded: "I think you would agree that any experienced and responsible driver adhering to or even approaching the 40 limit here would need their head examined!

"As a driver for 35 years, my understanding of speed limits was that they should be safe for the conditions on that stretch of highway. Clearly, I am under a misconception."

Picture: No prize for spotting the police van hiding on the slip road to the left.