CHAUFFEUR Mike Fenech found himself on the wrong side of the law - for scratching his ear while at the wheel of his Jaguar near North Camp.

To his amazement he was stopped by a police motor-cyclist as he gave his itching right ear a vigorous scratch while travelling along the A331.

He was waved down because the officer thought he was using his mobile phone. And according to 60-year-old Mike, the PC wasn't amused when he was told he had made a mistake.

"I explained that I had been scratching my ear, but at first he didn't believe me," he said. "He was quite aggressive."

To settle the argument Mike, who lives at Mytchett, pulled his mobile phone from his back trouser pocket and pointed out that it was switched off.

He claimed that the officer gave him a grudging apology, but only after he asked for one.

Retired schoolteacher Mike, who now runs his own chauffeur company, added: "I've no objection to the police stopping motorists who are committing an offence.

"But I wasn't too happy at being pulled over for scratching my ear."