One was searched for drugs and the other in response to allegations of the possession of child pornography.

A team of uniformed and plain clothes officers acted on a tip-off and followed up local leads.

After an early morning briefing the officers were assigned roles ready for the first raid at 8am.

The police, who had search warrants, were accompanied by News reporter Rebecca Chard, who was invited to see them in action.

Three officers, one dressed in riot gear and armed with a door buster, knocked on the door and one of the occupants let them in.

The search found cannabis plants, £300 worth of cannabis resin, a green liquid suspected to be a class A drug, scales and a pipe.

A man was arrested and police expect to further question at least four people.

Pc Lee Jeffers said: "This was a very successful operation. We were expecting to find the plants because we could see them from the windows, but we've also found other items."

The police then moved to the other side of town and searched the second house at 10.30am.

Detectives and social workers were called because of concerns for the welfare of children.

Two people were arrested on suspicion of child neglect and have since been bailed pending further investigation.

Two computers and a number of videos and games were seized.

Pc Graeme Calver said: "We have to dismantle and label everything carefully so as to prove the computer was up and running.

"It will then go to the Crime Investigation Unit in Southampton where it will be looked at."