THE rural police force is enjoying a bit of the royal treatment, thanks to two kind-hearted villagers.

Hart police's mobile police unit hit the streets of the district's villages this week in a bid to bring more policing back into the rural communities.

But they met with a slight problem when they got to Crondall because there was nowhere for the big van to park.

However, Stuart and Simon Worthington, the owners of Phantom Motors, came to their rescue, by offering the bobbies a space at their Rolls Royce garage.

The police are delighted with the new van that they believe will improve local policing and they have urged locals to make use of it to secure its long-term future.

Sgt Doug Dickson said: "We had problems getting people from rural areas to police stations, so we have set this up to be able to come to the people with an office so they don't have to go all the way to Fleet.

"We will visit the villages on a fortnightly basis and, if this is effective, it will become weekly if it would serve the public better.

"The van can also be used at major incidents to take statements because people do not want to provide statements in the cold and rain.

"The van comes thanks to a government sponsorship exercise. It has not come from local funds."

Sgt Dickson added: "This will be an invaluable tool and will be a two-way thing between us and the public.

"We will offer reassurance and service and be happy to talk to people.

"When I joined the force everyone said good morning on the street, but it is not like that any more.

"This van will help us get back into the communities more and when we chat to people we get a lot of useful information on the street.

"If we do not get the interest in certain areas, then it will be taken away, so it is important that the public make use of it."

You can read where and when the mobile police office will be in your village in the Fleet and Yateley Mail on March 19.