In response to councillors' concerns about the future of the site in North Lane, the Post Office confirmed the closure was temporary and apologised for inconvenience to residents.

When the post office closed a note said it was for the purpose of carrying out an audit but since then residents have been left to wonder about its future.

In a letter to Cllr Keith Dibble, customer service adviser Jacqueline Queen said she was aware of the importance of post offices within the community.

She added: "Firstly I would like to convey my apologies for the undoubted annoyance and inconvenience caused to residents due to the temporary closure of the branch.

"Every effort was taken to try to keep this office open but unfortunately this was not possible."

The letter did not specify the reason why it had to close abruptly but said work on finding a temporary sub-postmaster was underway.

"The retail line manager has informed me that interviews are due to take place in the next couple of weeks with a view to finding a suitable candidate for this position."

Last week the Mail reported that Cllrs Keith and Sue Dibble and Andy Straker called on the Post Office to confirm when services would resume.

Cllr Keith Dibble said he thought the letter was a step in the right direction.

"It hints that they'll do something quickly in the short term but I'll believe it when it re-opens."

He reassured residents he would not let the matter go until it was resolved.

He said he would keep ringing the Post Office until something was done.