CUSTOMERS have lost their last ditch battle to save Aldershot's Queen's Road sub-post office from closure.

They were told on Monday that Post Office bosses had brushed aside their protests and confirmed that the branch will close on March 4. The protesters, who backed their campaign with a 500-signature petition, had the support of Rushmoor Council.But the post office rejected their arguments that the closure would cause problems for scores of elderly and disabled people, as well as young mothers.

Drew McBride, Post Office Ltd's area chief, said: "We fully appreciate the concerns expressed by those who let us have their views. We took them into account before making this final decision."

He said, however, that the issue was not about the future of an individual branch, but the economic survival of the urban network overall.

In his view the Post Office had not left the Queen's Road customers in the lurch. He said the town's main post office at The Galleries was only a mile away and "conveniently accessible".News of the decision sparked an angry reaction from former Rushmoor Mayor Charles Choudhary who helped collect the petition signatures.He said: "The Post Office appears to have simply gone through the motions with the consultation process. They haven't taken any notice of our arguments." It had not taken into account the long walk back up the hill for those visiting the main post office from the Queen's Road area.A second PO, in St. Michael's Road, Aldershot, closes on March 5.