Potholes in a Yateley road are to be repaired after a rut caused a disabled woman’s wheelchair to tip over.

Rachel Hatch, 47, was strapped to her wheelchair when it overturned in Plough Road, Yateley, last Wednesday.

Mrs Hatch, who lives and works at Yateley Industries down the road, did not sustain any injuries but after reporting her fall to Hampshire County Council the pothole will now be filled to prevent other accidents.

Mrs Hatch, who has spina bifida and is wheelchair dependent said: “I was coming out of The Little Shop of Coffee. As I was about to cross the road I looked behind and in front of me, to the left and to the right.

“I was concentrating so much on the traffic I was not aware of the hole below. The two front wheels of my wheelchair got stuck in the gully. I was hanging out of the wheelchair. It felt like the wheelchair was going to go on top of me. All I could do was shout for help and two gentlemen came over.

“Luckily I had my seatbelt on. My hands were grazed on the gravel but I was not hurt.”

She fell at the entrance to a car park next to the Co-operative store. Mrs Hatch said she managed to raise a smile when the two men came to her rescue, despite being shaken up.

“They helped me get up from my chair and offered to drive me home,” she added. “When I got home I reported my fall to Dianne Parsons, the support manager at Yateley Industries. I then called county councillor David Simpson for advice.

Mrs Hatch is calling for repairs to reduce the risk of other people vulnerable people falling down the pothole.

“It was lucky that it was me who fell down the hole,” she said. “It could have been a lot worse for a mother with a pram or an elderly person.”

Cllr Simpson, who represents Hartley Wintney, Eversley and Yateley at the county, is also a wheelchair user. He said: “Obviously this sort of thing is terrible for a person in a wheelchair to experience. You feel totally helpless and cannot do anything until someone comes and rescues you.

On Monday James Holt, from the county highways team, visited the pothole with county councillor Adrian Collett. Mr Holt confirmed that not only would the offending pothole be filled, but also half a dozen other potholes in the same road.

The repairs are expected to be completed within two to three weeks.