SURREY Heath already has the borough's barmiest bus stop, now it has the pottiest pay station.

Surrey Heath Council has recently made some overdue changes to the way motorists pay for parking at the Main Square car park. Instead of pay and display, shoppers now park, get a ticket and pay on their return.

However, only the lunatics at Surrey Heath would replace the previous six pay stations with two. Result? Queues of people waiting to pay for their parking tickets, obstructing shop entrances, the mother and baby centre, the toilets, a main entrance and the fire exits.

Last Saturday the shopping centre in Main Square nearly ground to a halt as, at one point, almost one hundred people queued to use the ticket machine.

Was there a town ward councillor to be seen? No. Was there a council official on hand? Don't be silly, none of the council's senior staff live in the borough

Well done Surrey Heath. No wonder the Tories lost so many seats in the local election.

When is the council going to learn that taxpayers are their customers?

Roy Lilley, Yockley Close, Camberley.