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As promised in a recent issue of the JNM, here are the two winning entries in our Bird Feeder competition:-

“One day at my Nana and Grandpa’s house in Devon I saw a shocking sight.

A kestrel swooped across the garden and caught a flying bluetit in its beak.

Two other bluetits were so frightened they banged into the kitchen window and fell to the ground. The kestrel flew away.

We gently took the two bluetits inside, we held them and stroked them gently.

They recovered after a few minutes and we set them free. I was happy they were well again!”

By Megan Hobday Age 6)

“Four years ago on Valentines Day when I was five, Mum went into hospital because our baby was arriving. I went to Grandma’s.

Her house looks out onto a green with lots of trees.

We often like to watch the birds.

Usually it was a pair of magpies, although once we saw a family of four. But on this day a strange thing happened. We noticed three magpies, we waited for the fourth but it never came. They went to and fro in the trees all day and making such a noise. Grandma and I kept saying ‘1 for sorrow, 2 for joy, 3 for a girl’. Mum must be having a girl.

Later when Dad phoned to say my little sister Kyra had arrived, Grandma and I cried and hugged each other.

Then we laughed because we already knew, the magpies had told us.”

Casie Phipps (Age 9)