A BOUNCER at a Farnham pub was caught using a 15-year-old girl to peddle ecstasy for him, a court was told.

Anthony Steels, 51, was jailed for three and a half years when he admitted to supplying and possessing ecstasy and cannabis.

At Guildford Crown Court on Friday, Judge Derek Inman told him: “You were working as a doorman at a pub and to that extent it was a breach of trust.

“You were there to stop that sort of activity going on.

“A particularly aggravating feature is that you involved a 15-year-old to sell these things on your behalf.

“These offences are so serious, only a custodial sentence can be justified.”

Mr Michael Speak, prosecuting, said police saw the girl selling two ecstasy tablets just yards form the Plough pub in West Street, Farnham, in June last year.

He said: “They saw a Ford Mondeo car pull up.

“The girl walked from the car to a second vehicle parked nearby with two people in it.

“They saw her reaching into the car, clearly passing something to the male passenger.

“Suspecting a drugs deal had taken place, officers intervened.”

Speak said Steels was then arrested and was found to have £330 in cash on him.

“He accepted that the two tablets had originated from his car to sell them on his behalf.”

Steels told police he had sold ecstasy and cannabis to “anyone who wanted them” over a three month period but had only been selling the drugs for a month at the pub.

“He accepted he was well placed to have contact with people who might be looking to purchase drugs for the evening,” said Speak.

“He knew he was particularly well placed because in his role as doorman he ensured there were no drug dealers allowed on the premises”.

Richard Martin, defending, said Steels committed the offences because he was in financial difficulties.

He said: “He found himself on a lower income than he had been used to and decided to do something very foolish.

“He was in dire straits.

“He is not a sophisticated drug dealer.

“He accepts he set up the situation and that the girl was aware of what was going on.

“He dealt to friends and friends of friends.

“He was not touting to complete strangers. It was totally out of character.”

The court heard that Steels of Robin Garden, Cowplain, had no previous convictions.

After the case, Det Con Shaun Letts said the manager of the pub was completely unaware that Steels was selling drugs and it was no reflection on the pub itself.

The girl had been dealt with by way of a caution for supplying a class A drug.