THE manager of the Allsorts shop in Camberley was kicking up a stink on Friday after raw sewage started spilling out of a drain at the back of his shop.

Christmas shoppers had to walk through the sewage holding their noses as it gushed from the side of Allsorts into the car park at the back.

Ray Usher, manager, said he was fuming when he was told by the environmental health officers that it was not their problem.

"I started phoning round at 9am when the sewage first began gushing out of the drain," he said, "I couldn't believe it when environmental health said they wouldn't do anything, after all it's affecting the public.

"Then the council told me it was nothing to do with them either and that I had to contact the water board.

"So I did, only to be told there were people more important than me and I would have to wait my turn."

A South East Water engineer arrived at the stinking scene after midday to attempt to stem the flow which was thought to be caused by a mains sewerage blockage.

But Mr Usher said much of his stock that was kept in the side passage of the shop would have to be binned, along with his shoes and the shoes of his employees who had been diverting the sewage away from the interior of Allsorts.

By 3pm, Thames Water, who are responsible for sewage problems in this area, had still not arrived but the outpouring had stopped.

"It has stopped for now," said Mr Usher, "but there is no reason why it shouldn't start again once it fills up."

John Vickery, of Vickery and Company estate agents, said he reported the problem to Thames Water the previous day when their staff toilets became blocked.

"I was told that it was a customer blockage and so not their problem," said Mr Vickery, "And then today there is excrement pouring out of the back of Ray's shop.

"Both times I was told that someone would be out here to inspect the problem within four hours, but it is now a day later and still nobody has shown up.

"The drain at the bottom of Park Street now looks ready to overflow, and we have 15 members of staff on the ground floor here with no toilet facilities."

A spokesman for Thames Water said they had no record of any calls being made on Thursday but had been informed of the situation by the council on Friday morning.

"We are very sorry if anyone has suffered due to a delay. We always try to get to a job within four hours."