YOUNGSTERS at Hawley Primary School say the closure of Camberley's Robins Cinema has left a gap in their social life.

They have criticised the owners for shutting the London Road cinema and leaving them with a long trek to Bracknell to see their favourite films.

The 90 Year 5 and 6 pupils made their feelings known in letters sent to the Star and Surrey Heath Council. They all say that the cinema, which had been in the town for 70 years, should not have been closed until a new one had been built.

Year 5 pupil Rhys Brereton's letter is typical of the batch sent to the Star. He says the Robins was convenient because children could either walk there on their own or be dropped off by their parents.

And they paid only £2.50 to get in, whereas the cinema at Bracknell charges twice that amount.

Rhys continues: "You got delicious popcorn and sweets, Coke and other drinks at the Robins. I have been going there for years and I have always come out with a happy face.

"All it needed was a freshen up, new carpets, seats and a little makeover with paint, and it would have been better than ever."

Katherine Fieldgate, who is also in Year 5, reveals that the Robins had another attraction. She writes: "The staff let you bring your own food instead of forcing you to buy food, like many other cinemas do."

Some of the pupils blamed Surrey Heath Council for the closure, but the council has explained that the decision was out of its hands.

The owners of the Robins had to pull down the final curtain after their lease on the building ran out, and they were outbid for a new one.

The children - whose handwriting is a credit to their teachers - wrote the letters during their literacy lessons.

Miss Zoe Spender, one of three teachers involved in the project, said: "The idea was sparked off by a pupil who just happened to say that he was upset the Robins had closed. Quite a few of the children used to go there regularly and it's an issue they feel strongly about."