Final plans for a new mini-town between Fleet and Farnborough have gone on show.

St Edward Homes, part of the Berkeley Group, wants to build a development at the former Pyestock site, which it has now renamed Hartland Village.

It showed its final draft plan to residents at displays in Fleet and Farnborough and Get Hampshire was there to ask residents what they thought of the plans.

'Concerns about an increase in traffic'

Keith Speller
Keith Speller

Keith Speller, 75, has lived in Southwood for 30 years.

“I’ve got concerns about an increase in traffic,” he said. If you go out there now the roads are horrendous.

“And if they do go ahead with the development, where will all the waste excavation material go?”

'It all looks very nice on paper'

Alicia Standing
Alicia Standing

Southwood resident Alicia Standing, 25, is the manager of the new Premier Inn in Farnborough.

“I would consider buying here (Hartland Village) but it depends how long it will take as I’m looking to move within a year," she said.

“It think it will be good to have homes on the site because it’s getting very difficult to buy.

“It all looks very nice on paper.”

'I’d prefer houses to a factory site'

Alan Clarke
Alan Clarke

Alan Clarke, 72, from Southwood, said: “It needs the proper infrastructure and everything that goes with it, not just half of it.

“It all looks very nice on paper but getting it onto the site is a whole different ball game.

“I used to work at the site and it’s got to be used for something. I’d prefer houses to a factory site and all those lorry movements 24/7. That was a nightmare scenario.”

'The builders have all good faith'

Margaret Clarke
Margaret Clarke

Southwood resident Margaret Clarke, 69, said: “When we moved we were supposed to have bungalows next to us but it’s a block of four houses, which is a nightmare.

“The builders have all good faith but there’s never anyone to enforce the plans.”

'Shouldn’t impact on people'

Sara Evans
Sara Evans

Sara Evans, a 52-year-old hotel reception supervisor from Farnborough, thought the plans looked good.

“They’re proposing a school, shops, doctors surgery and cycle routes," she added.

“It looks aesthetically pleasing and they’ve tried to blend it in.

“It’s not like it’s in the middle of the town. I think it will be plenty big enough and shouldn’t impact on people.”

'An improvement over the mega depot'

Brian Hambleton
Brian Hambleton

Brian Hambleton from Southwood said: “I think it’s certainly an improvement in principle over the mega depot proposal.

“Yes, there will be traffic from 1,500 homes but not as bad as all those lorries.

“Providing sufficient attention is given to the site access and egress, then it should be okay.”

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