The owners of a kitten found in a delivery van in Aldershot are being sought in a race against time before he is rehomed.

The four-month-old ginger and white cat was found on Wednesday by the driver, who makes deliveries in Aldershot and Farnborough, as he was completing his last trip of the day.

The furry character was taken to Ash House Vets, in Lower Farnham Road, Aldershot, where he awaits rescue by his owners.

However, he can only remain at the clinic for seven days, until July 2, after which period lost cats are handed over to the Cats Protection charity to be rehomed.

Allie Butler, practice manager at Ash House Vets, said: "When he jumped into the van, we don't know. Kittens are able to fit into the smallest of places.

"We looked at him and thought he is definitely not a stray as he looks well fed and doesn't have fleas or anything."

The kitten, who is not castrated, was not wearing a collar and is not microchipped, making it more difficult to find his owner.

Ms Butler said he would be well cared for during his stay at the clinic but hoped the power of social media and the internet would help bring him home, as it had in the case of a lost rabbit a few days earlier. She added that such incidents were relatively common.

"In my experience of 12 years of nursing, there have been cases of cats jumping into people's cars because they're nice and warm, and because cats are so curious," she said.

The clinic has already ruled out one person's claim that the kitten may have been one that went missing from a Portsmouth home more than a month ago, meaning the search goes on.

The owners, or anyone that knows where the kitten is missing from, can contact Ash House Vets on 01252 343088. Photographic evidence of ownership will be required.