The skatepark was given the go-ahead by the tennis club and councillors in April.

But since then the club has had a surge of new members sign up and is now desperate to save one of its three tennis courts in Sandhurst Memorial Park from development.

Councillors and tennis

players came to loggerheads over the issue at a meeting of the leisure committee on Thursday, July 18.

The council agreed to take on board the club's views, but vowed unless another site can be found before Thursday, September 5, it will pursue

its original plans for the skatepark.

Speaking yesterday, Keith Buckler, secretary of the

tennis club, said: "We don't want to give up our tennis court because over the last few months our membership has doubled and we really need all three courts now.

"We don't want the skatepark there and I'm very worried.

"We're going to wreck a great facility if this goes ahead. My real concern is that as soon as we let up on the pressure, the council will push through their plans.

"The club has been going for many many years and these courts are a great

facility for the players - they've only just undergone a £40,000 refurbishment."

But Chris Smith, executive officer for Sandhurst Town Council, said the skatepark will be given the go-ahead unless an alternative site can be found.

He said: "At the last leisure committee meeting the

council resolved it would look at the feasibility of the cost and logistics of finding

another site for the skatepark.

"Val Crosby-Clarke, who chairs the Sandhurst Residents' Association, was asked to consult residents next to Brookside Meadow in Woodbine Close, on placing a skatepark there.

"But if we do not find a

feasible alternative site, the council has resolved the skatepark will progress

without further delay."

Mr Smith added that the council was committed to supporting all sports.

Councillors will gather for a full council meeting on Thursday, September 5, to make its final decision.